First Name :   Diana
Comments :   I have never seen this website before. I was looking for more information about the Ninth Step Prayers, which folks at my Big Book meeting were discussing today. I have not had a drink since either 97 or 99 (not sure? I didnt really intend for that to
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Home Group :   Precisely How We Recovered
State/Country :   WI, USA
Date :   Thursday, September 17, 2015
First Name :   Santosh KR
Comments :   On my iphone i searched google for the 12 promises and landed on this web site. The AA History section is exhaustive and i stand benifited by it. Thank you for the efforts. Yours in the fellowship of the Spirit.
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Home Group :   Jasmine Group of A.A.
State/Country :   Mangalore,Karnataka,INDIA
Date :   Sept.12, 2015
First Name :   Matt
Comments :   I have used this page for almost three years. I originally took the prayers and wrote them out with my sponsor and then I found your page and it was the same as the prayers I had written. It really works. Thank You
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Home Group :   Forest
State/Country :   Canada
Date :   Sept 5, 2015
First Name :   Robbie
Comments :   Great site and God Bless everyone
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Home Group :   Keep It Simple
State/Country :   Onalaska, Wa
Date :   8/18/15
First Name :   Karen DK
Comments :   Thank you for having this site available for travelers. While on travel, having the opportunity to read through prayers help to keep me centered.
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Home Group :   Valley Center
State/Country :   CA
Date :   92082
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