First Name :   John Tameau
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Comment :   Loved radically gay awesome writing. Hope to read all your books in my lifetime. Your definitely a gay elder along with all the others. Thanks again John
First Name :   David
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Comment :   Will: Its David Cohen here, often DAvid S. Cohen and Cheiron among the Faeries. I am pretty sure youll remember me: Ive flown in Faerie Circles since the first gathering in Tucson in 79 and was a frequent visitor and guest at both La Cresta Court and Gene
First Name :   Robin
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First Name :   Vernon
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Comment :   I am researching the life of Bill Dunne, who was connected with Frank Little and am interested in your work on the identities of Littles murderers.
First Name :   Mike
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Comment :   Just finished reading the book you edited, Radically Gay, and found it to be enthralling. Wish Hay would have explained the concept of analog vision as compared to binary thinking. More examples would have made it clearer.
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